Thermoplastic polyimide resin

Meltable polyimide molding powder Thermoplastic polyimide resin has excellent mechanical, electrical, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties, can be used in the range of (-259~220℃) for a long time.The products are applied in aviation, aerospace, high-speed railway, information and other fields, suitable for high and low temperature sealing rings, valves, piston rings, self-embellishing bearings, etc.Various fillers can be added to improve its performance.

Technical Specification:

The serial number The test items measuring instrument or indicator Parameter values
1 Chemical composition Infrared spectrometer(IR)GB/T6040-2002

Absorption peak location:
1.1717 cm-1 ±10 cm-1
2.1778 cm-1 ±10 cm-1

2 Glass transition temperature differential scanning calorimeter(DSC)GB/T19466.2-2004 ≥220℃
3 size Screen/particle size analyzer
4 Impact strength GB/T 1843-2008 ≥100 KJ /m2
5 Thermal deformation temperature GB/T1634.2-2004 ≥235℃
6050 Polyimide Film H-class Polyimide Glass varnished cloth Polyimide H-class Pressure-sensitive Tape
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